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BGS Media: Squid Game

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

I wasn't pressed about Squid Game, but I came around when I saw all the Americans freaking the f*ck out over it. The love was world wide and I'm so glad that folks are giving South Korea it's flowers for creating quality, fun media. Folks like to think Hollywood is the cream of the crop, but it's not true at all.

Black Guys on Squid Game

We told you that we have a vault of good episodes that we have just never published. This is one of them. This conversation with Yella, Cedric, Moses, Drake (of Everythang Culture) was raw, honest, and uncut as we asked them about the Netflix drama, Squid Game, and home the themes resonated with them as Black men in America. Enjoy!

Song Rae created this one and I added the speech bubbles to make it (hopefully) funny.

That Gong Yoo cameo gave me life! I'm all about Yoooo! Yes, that was corny but I had to type it.

We talk about this in the Black Guys on Squid Game podcast episode, but I'm not surprised that the thriller genre lead by a middle-aged man is what became popular worldwide.

I immediately thought of Khia's song "My Neck My Back" when I saw this scene.

I still want that tracksuit. I've been super lazy about buying it because the one I found wasn't exactly the same. LOL I would ask for it for Christmas but if someone gets me the wrong one I'll have to suck it up and not be ungrateful. Some things are better if you just buy them for yourself.

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