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BGS Show Diary: KinnPorsche

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Watching this show wasn't supposed to result in a diary. Song Rae suggested it, but I didn't expect to get caught up, y'all. Next thing I know I'm dropping tweets because I can't believe how crazy the show is. Around episode 5 or 6 I made the fan-out official and committed to watching all 14 episodes. KinnPorsche is a BL mafia crime drama out of Thailand starring Mile Phakphum Romsaithong and Apo Nattawin Wattanagitiphat. So, you know it's brutal, might include some politically incorrect issues, is super sexy, and at times hilarious. IQIYI offers a clean for TV and dirty verson (La Forte). Trust me when I say you want the filthy version. Thank me later.

Episode 1

He don’t want your stinking job as a mafia pawn.

Episode 2

🚨Trope Alert: 🚨The Makeover. Because Porsche ain’t there for his bodyguard skills or professionalism!

Episode 3

An episode of firsts.

Episode 4

An Angel and a Devil

Episode 5


Running Theme - Lack of Consent. Porsche is coerced into being a mafia bodyguard, then he's drugged and has sex without his explicit consent. Yes, he was an active participant at some point, but #KinnPorscheEP5 too lightly addresses the aftermath and his trauma.

Episode 6

Lost, Love, Loss. I never read the novel and I'm just now reading tweets about the show. But #KinnPorscheEP6 exists just so the writers could redeem Kinn, reposition their relationship as a romance, and give Porsche the option to leave. Typical Thai drama.

Episode 7

I'm just glad that Kinn apologized before all that rubbing and tugging in #KinnPorschEP7. Hawt! Watched it twice! On the other hand, poor Porsche keeps getting drugged, and sexually assaulted (this time by Vegas). Oh, and there was a bunch of extra mafia sh*t in this episode.

Episode 8


Ex-boyfriend zombie? Kinn could have done so much better.

Episode 9

Loyalties are tested.

Episode 10

Kinn was right that you can’t trust nobody! There are so many double and triple crosses going on. OST should include Bernard Wright’s “Who Do You Love” -

Episode 11

Kim is cold blooded in #KinnPorscheEP11. He needs a spin-off show where he becomes a music star to cover his team’s covert info gathering activities. But he’s always regretted breaking Porchay’s heart and needs his help years later.

Episode 12

THE GOOD: Kinn and Porsche start at the beginning by reintroducing themselves. Hawt, y’all! All kinds of square jawlines and thick male lips smashing. 😜🤤

THE BAD: More secrets come to lights while others are still in the shadows. Oooh, I hate his trifling ass uncle.

THE UGLY: Pete, no! Not with Pyscho Vegas! This is Stockholm Syndrome at its worst, y’all!

Episode 13

Heartbroken Over Ramen: Porchay and Pete escape from Kim and Vegas.

So In Love: Porsche doesn’t trust the Main Family but he loves him some Kinn. These pictures are a pale representation of the porno scene that followed. Hawwwwwwt! Is this a happy ending (pun intended) before a sad ending?

🚨SPOILERS🚨 F*cking Cousins?!

Me: Oh Lawd! Make it make sense?!

Also Me: Well…they didn’t grow up together and can’t have kids together, so what’s the harm?

Me: Where’s our Batman slap meme?!

Episode 14

All Out War

Dude wasn’t ready. He should have been shot when he pulled out his gun too slow. And he’s so bad ass that after he gets shot, he’s takes a smoke break before dying? Okay.

Erika is about that gang life! Ma'am, we salute you!

Oh how romantic! Kinn copping a feel during the shootout. This show does not let us horn dogs down.

Vegas and Pete are proof that trauma bonding is real! You end up trapped in a toxic arrangement with the wrong person. But they had each other and maybe Pete can help Vegas get over his abusive, dysfunctional past.

Damn, son! The surprise in this episode is too big to spoil outright. I’m just going to show you part of a picture. All I can do is suggest you go watch the series then tell us your thoughts!

Kim is cute, can sing and can fight. He’d be a credit to any gang in any hood across America!

Nothing to dispute: Porsche stays fine.

Crazy, Sexy, Cool: Great ending to a crazy crime drama. Their chemistry is fire!

If you watched KinnPorsche please let us know what you thought. If you have any other recommendations, we'd love those too!

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