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Deep - Netflix's Thai Sci-Fi Movie

The Thai movie, Deep โปรเจกต์ลับ หลับ เป็น ตาย, dropped today on Netflix. I was looking to adjust my palette and I had seen a preview for it a few days ago. The trailer sort of reminded me of two American films: 2010 "Inception" featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and 2011 "Limitless" featuring Bradley Cooper, so I thought this would be up my alley. Since I have never seen a Thai show or movie before, I was looking with unexpected eyes. I just wanted to be entertained and that I was!

The story follows four med school students with insomnia who wind up participating in a neuroscience experiment that collides their worlds. They become fast friends to help one another through the experiment until the company behind the experiment takes a wild turn. The four newfound friends are challenged in their fledgling relationship.

Let's meet our cast - playing our female lead, Jane is Care Panisara Rikulsurakan. If you are versed in the Thai film industry, she has been in The Promise, Dead Time Stories 2: City of Moon, and Love Songs Love Series: Seb Tid Kwam Jeb Puad.

Our male lead is Win, played by Kay Lertsittichai. Kay began his career as a vlogger and moved into acting. He's starred in BRAND'S Summer Camp as a regular cast member while making appearances on several other TV Shows. He's been in two other dramas, Wolf & Who Are You. Kay has a drama, Never Too Late coming out this year while Deep was his first movie.

Our second lead female is Fern Supanaree Sutichitwong who plays Cin. Fern is a model, actress, and Youtuber so she doesn't have a long list of filmography. She has been in the Special, Dreamtective, and in the drama Wolf as a guest. Deep was her first movie as well.

Our second lead male is Krit Jeerapatananuwong who plays Peach. Deep was Kit's maiden filmography work. Krit Jeerapatananuwong, nicknamed Kit, is the lead singer of the band Three Man Down.

Deep was directed by Sid Wisit Sasanatieng. Wisit Sasanatieng, nicknamed Sid, is a Thai film director and screenwriter. He made his debut as the screenwriter in the late '90s, followed by his directorial debut "Tears of the Black Tiger" in 2000. Since then, he's directed several other movies.


🚨SPOILER ALERT🚨 - I am going to talk about some specifics of the movies.

Our story begins with us learning about each of our four insomniac med school students as we find out how they live their lives. None of them knows the other but are connected by this neuroscience experiment which is identifiable by a large black smartwatch. Once they make one another's acquaintance, they begin a group chat to help one another over level 1 of the trial. There is a monetary gain which is what lead each of them to initially participate. Once they receive their funds, everyone returns to his or her world and quickly blows through their money.

As they have begun to spend time together, bonds begin to form. Peach, the gamer, lets us know that he is smitten with Cin, the vlogger. We also see a spark between Win, the part animal, and Jane, the studious member. I was not ready for that kiss!

The group meets to discuss going for level 2 and getting a larger monetary payout. They head to the company and ask pertinent questions to ease their minds and they all sign up for level 2. Which they quickly find out is not as easy as level 1. They band together to help each other get over the obstacles they face, like stalkers, hallucinations, and death. As they go through level 2, they are faced with some heavy consequences of their choices to participate in this experiment. They all vow they are done and will never look back as they barely make it over the hurdle.

Personally, I think this would have made an awesome drama because I would have liked to see some of these relationships fleshed out better. I also would have liked to better understand each of their pasts more. Also, I would have liked to know how they were changed after such a tumultuous experience. To the director, Sid Wisit Sasanatieng, I hope you can make a BGS dream come true! 😊

However, they wind up on level 3 and the twists are shocking and almost too much to believe. Will they make it off the level 3 Deep trial alive? Well, I can't tell you everything! Go check out this entertaining movie and let me know what you think!


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