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Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Song Rae's review of Korean drama Vagabond

I am not 100% a big action genre watcher but I was hooked by episode 1 of Vagabond. I can only tell you that this story captivated me because it was fast paced and had many legs. The story wrapped around more than a few topics, places, and people all while keeping me totally engaged!

The leads, Lee Seung-Gi, Bae Suzy, and Shin Sung-Rok did a fantastic job of leading us to solving a crime that lead us all the way to the Blue House with it's involvement and took us on international espionage journey. Even when you think we are done, they pull you back in. It's one helluva ride!

The only downside is they dropped you off on the side of a cliff and haven't returned to pick you up! It's been a LONG seven month dangle.

It's classified officially as a spy/action thriller; it cost 25 billion won (over 20 million US dollars) to produce; it was filmed in Portugal, Morocco and South Korea; and it was awarded four SBS Drama awards. The only downside is they dropped you off on the side of a cliff and haven't returned to pick you up! It's been a LONG 7 month dangle.

Vagabond is a South Korean TV series that aired on SBS TV from September 20th to November 23, 2019. It consists of 16 episodes and can be viewed on Netflix. The story begins when a mysterious plane crash kills over 211 civilians, including Cha Dal-gun’s nephew. Determined to find out the truth behind the accident, Cha Dal-gun (Lee Seung-Gi) embarks on an investigation that leads him to a tangled web of corruption. His life intertwines with Go Hae-ri (Bae Suzy) a covert operative for the National Intelligence Service (Korean version of the CIA).

Vagabond Season 2?

According to OtakuKart News, "While the renewal has not been announced, we do know that the show was made with a season 2 in mind. A representative from the production team spoke about the possibility of a season 2 in November 2019 and no additional update has been dropped since then. He said that “It [Vagabond] was planned and produced with a 2nd season in mind.” “However, season 2 has not been confirmed and it’s currently being reviewed. We are reviewing schedules of the actors, writers, and directors,” he added. Thus, we will be getting another season, but not sure when."

Here's what I know, whatever the hold up is, they need to get it together soon before the enthusiasm dies out. If you have watched Vagabond, share your thoughts below. We would love to hear some other opinions.

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