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Song Rae's Musings

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

The thoughts of half of BGS as she shares her Kdrama walk

As this journey began, I was in a wild place. I’d recently had a bad break up and my work life was in jeopardy due to certification paperwork. I really just wanted something to take my mind off of it all. I was in a city far from my immediate family and I felt alone. I had friends but it’s not quite the same. Korean dramas helped me to see life from a new perspective and it created a desire in me to want to learn about their culture. I am a Christian (pure follower of Christ’s teachings nothing more) and I LOVED that their dramas didn’t have a lot of the things you see in American television. They were more innocent in nature yet still had great depth. I loved their style and I became hooked. My first drama was Rooftop Room Cat or Attic Cat or Cat on the Roof. I watched at the urging of my co host, Something Else. I binged watched from my desktop PC into the wee hours of the morning. I had to go to search websites and make sure it had the ENG subtitles added before I could watch. I moved from there to other dramas but it wasn’t until I saw Boys Over Flowers that I knew I was where I wanted to be for entertainment. I love the overall themes and most of the men were gorgeous! Plus, they knew how to make a girl swoon!!

I am a black American and it is 2020 currently. I could laugh, cry, and rage as I think about all this one year has offered us not to mention historically.

I have enjoyed the various shows’ courage and their fighting spirit for what is right. Even in pointing out their societal ills, I loved that they used the drama platform to make statements about the need for changes and/or highlight the nucleus of the Korean spirit as I saw it. I am old enough to know that by no means can a television show give me the entirety of a culture but I also have watched enough news, variety shows and asked questions to capture some of the spirit of the people.

Current Life

I am a black American and it is 2020 currently. I could laugh, cry, and rage as I think about all this one year has offered us not to mention historically. So, I am acutely aware that television could never truly show who a people are; as we have had a rough time based upon what television has portrayed about us to the world. I do also know that if a person has an open mind and is willing to learn, ask questions, and delve deeper, even the “odd” things you’ve seen can begin to make sense. So again, I say, I wanted to learn about Koreans and their culture and used dramas to aid in that. Thank God for the internet so I was able to research and dialogue to figure out more! A bucket list trip is to visit Korea for an extended period of time.

As I have been a Kdrama watcher for over 10 years, I must say that I have loved how the dramas have begun to evolve and have an even greater depth in their content. I love how they have come to have a more world view and discuss things that are not only reflective of South Korea but of the world around them. I look forward to where they will take us in the future and I look to see the world take a greater notice of what Korean film has to offer us. They tell diverse stories that are truly captivating.

If you have never watched a Korean or Asian drama, I would highly suggest you give them a try! It matters not your genre choice, their is a plethora out there to entertain you. If I were to give you a few titles, I would be missing so many great dramas but I will share a few of my personal faves. My top five faves are:

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