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The King: Eternal Monarch

Song Rae shares her thoughts, excitement, and downright gushes about The King: Eternal Monarch

Actor Lee Min Ho and Actress Kim Go Eun star in SBS’s drama The King: The Eternal Monarch which airs on Fridays and Saturdays. It’s a project by hit screenwriter, Kim Eun Sook. It can be viewed on Netflix. The story is about two parallel universes where South Korea is ruled by a monarchy (Kingdom of Corea) in one and governed by a democracy (Republic of Korea) in another. Lee Min Ho plays the role of Emperor Lee Gon, who discovers and wants to close the portal between the two dimensions, and Kim Go Eun plays the role of detective Jung Tae Eul, who aims to protect people in both universes.

He [Lee Min Ho] is not only stately but intelligent, a man of the people, firm when needed, and loving. Have mercy, that neck kiss....🤫🤤🥰 That kiss should have been illegal!

Before we go to far, I must admit that I am a low grade Minoz stan. Don't understand that, look it up. I absolutely love Lee Min Ho and have seen all of his dramas from BOF to current (TKEM) and movies Bounty Hunters and Gangnam Blues. I have made sure to stay current on information about him. I am even an official (on the roster) Minoz fan member. I am currently trying to acquire a Minomi, if anyone has any leads, please share! Yes, my grown ass has a thing for an young Asian man. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Go figure! But don't get it twisted, I am aware that we'll never meet and I am over 11,440 km away from even being able to attend a fan meet. So, it is only a one sided screen love.

Why The King: Eternal Monarch Slaps

I am a Blerd as well. I love science fiction, time/space travel, parallel universe theory, doppelganger theories, etc. This story has it all!! It allows you to have the full geek experience even so far as to include algorithms and mathematical thinking to decipher some of what's going on. So I say all of this to say, if you have a problem with STEM concepts, THIS is not the drama for you. If a mystery that involves you using your brain to solve it or being a serious sleuth is too much for you, change the channel.

All of the above mentioned is why I am so in love with this for Lee Min Ho. After a three year hiatus from acting (due to mandatory military duty), I wanted a great script for him. Also, because I hated Legends of the Blue Sea for him. When you hold your actor in high esteem, you want awesome roles for them. LBS wasn't that. It was an okay drama. In this drama, TKEM, he is King of Corea and he is a fabulous king. He is a gorgeous man anyhow and this role just amplified that. He is not only stately but intelligent, a man of the people, firm when needed, and loving. Have mercy, that neck kiss....🤫🤤🥰 That kiss should have been illegal!

There is other eye candy in this drama as well! Woo Do Hwan who plays both Jo Young, the kings's right hand man, and Jo Eun Sup, Tae Eul's good friend. His two polarizing characters are so much fun to watch on screen. I am digging Do Hwan right now, so I have looked up and binged a few of his works. I've seen Save Me, Mad Dog, My Country: The New Age (⭐⭐⭐⭐), The Divine Fury (movie), and I have Tempted on deck to watch next.

Also, honorable eye candy mentions are Lee Jung Jin who plays Lee Lim, the king's murderous uncle; Kim Kyung Nam who plays detective Kang Shin Jae; and Kang Hon Suk who plays both royal gaurd, Jang Mi Reuk as well as Detective Jang Michael. All of these gentlemen are very nice to watch as you figure out what the heck is going on.

If you have not started The King: Eternal Monarch, please give it a try. It is a fan favorite right now with only three episodes left. I am glad that I watched this and am very excited to see how this ends. Of course, I am shipping for the King and Tae Eul! If you have begun the drama, share your thoughts below!



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