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Tales of a FanGurl (KPOP Khronicals Part 1)

Updated: May 8, 2023

In this post, Song Rae shares how Lee Jun-Ho became her bias and eventually, she became a Kpop boyband fan. Please listen to our companion podcast episode, BGS Profile - Lee Jun-Ho, where we profile Lee Jun-Ho and discuss his career.

January 23, 2022, 2:50 a.m.
Song Rae's 1st EVER Fan Meet

I woke up at 2:50 am & logged into my BeyondLive account to attend a fan meeting for Lee Junho. I couldn't believe I was actually doing this for the guy from "The Red Sleeve" Kdrama.

It was an awesome experience, and I am so glad that I did it!! I did pay to attend, but after that experience, I will DEFINITELY do it again. Although, I'll only do it for Junho and Woo DoHwan 😁 because after it ended at 5:30 am I was stupid sleepy like the weight of the world was on me.

Junho sang to us, played games, answered questions and we even sang Happy Birthday to him. He was so cute and despite his proclaimed former disdain for doing cutesy things (aegyo), he told us he's gotten older and doesn't mind doing it for us. I felt special because he does a great job of letting fans know how important they are to him. He LOVES Hottest. Like really loves us! 😁😍

Yes, I am now 8th generation HOTTEST.

We were able to view photos only his manager had on his phone and that was cool. He did wardrobe changes and did a great show overall! The fans could not talk in house due to COVID restrictions and were given clappers to share their excitement. He was mindful of that & used their clappers as his sign of communication with the in-house fans. He had two sessions. One face to face on Saturday then another one on Sunday with face to face and online.

The whole experience made me love Junho even more! 😍😍😍😁❤👍🏾 Click to see pictures & fun facts about Junho!

Fangurl Gone Hysterical

I've told you that I go hard in the paint when I like something or someone. When I did my Woo Do Hwan fangurl podcast episode, I tried to watch all the movies and dramas he was in. I read all sorts of articles to learn more about him and I watched all the old interviews I could. Now, I was not a huge YouTube fan or user so I missed some key interviews but eh, I went in enough to even have OG fans asking me questions.

Well, for Lee Jun Ho, not only have I tried to watch EVERYTHING (even stuff I was told he was in but I never saw his face), I read articles, then listened to interviews, and watched YouTube content which lead me to 2PM.

Y'all, why did I just stumble upon them?

My Love for 2PM Was Born

When I tell you I fell in love with 5 other men real quick, it was amazing!! Where had I been?

I didn't realize that I also knew of two other 2PM members. I recognized both TaecYeon and ChanSung from several other dramas but was never pressed to dig further into them. I liked TaecYeon's work and considered him a solid actor. ChanSung usually played a secondary role in the dramas I'd seen him in so he hadn't stood out.

I have lost all consciousness on most dramas because I have been busy watching 2PM content like I am on JYPE staff preparing for the 20 year anniversary and have been tasked with creating the timeline of the crew.

Once I started digging into Junho and saw all the 2PM content, I started watching every night for hours! I quickly fell for MinJun (aka Jun.K), who became my bias wrecker. Then the remainder of the OT4 made their way into my heart. I truly cannot imagine how I have walked around not knowing who they were and missing all the absolute fun of being a 2PM fan!

All of this to say, I have fallen head over Chucks (hardly ever heels this way) for 2PM's Junho (aka Nunneo, aka Johnny's appa 아빠, aka Lee Fox). I have lost all consciousness on most dramas because I have been busy watching 2PM content like I am on JYPE staff preparing for the 20 year anniversary and have been tasked with creating the timeline of the crew.

I have seen everything from variety show appearances to Wild Bunny, 2PM Show, Real 2PM, Wild Six and have been exposed to Idol Army, Hot Blood, & Wild Beat. Also, shoutout to the Hottest content on YT because it has been my mainstay! I have gotten to see their interactions, care, and concern for their fans and began to love them ALL!

Thank you in particular to Gocrazygo2PM and JLML718 on YouTube for your AWESOME content and subs! I greatly appreciate you!

It has gotten so serious, that when a program comes on and I only see four heads, I immediately look to see who's not there. Each one has their own dynamic they bring to the whole and from that, you appreciate the individuals even more! My ultimate bias in 2PM is, of course, Junho!! 😍💛🐧🦊

Because despite not being a featured member on shows or having his segments cut, he has grown into an indispensable member of 2PM and has come into his own as an amazing actor. He is walking in a level of greatness that has made him a global Hallyu star.

Song Rae's Reverse Harem

I am not only stoked to have discovered Lee JunHo (이준호), but to have also gotten to know Kim MinJun (김민준), Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul (นิชคุณ หรเวชกุล), Ok TaecYeon (옥택연), Jang WooYoung (장우영), and Hwang ChanSung (황찬성). These dudes are like my friends now. I am interested in their lives, their performances, their activities, their interactions with others, and their future endeavors. On social media, BGS has joined so many 2PM groups and threads because of me. Sorry, Something Else! 🤭

just like Son Ye Jin is sharing her husband, Hyun Bin, with us all

I am a US citizen and it seems I can never find authentic merch, so I've started making my own! I tried to order the XexyMix cosmetic kit to get the Junho playing cards, but the system would not take my money. So, I made my own. I wanted a key chain of ChanSung with the man bun, but no one would ship one overseas. So, I made my own. The group has caused me to become creative because I intend to fangurl to the max for them and be a proud Hottest!! 'Cause in my head, I have 6 boyfriends! 😁 And yes, I am aware one is soon to be married and others have long-term girlfriends. I don't mind sharing with wives or serious girlfriends (aren't I kind?).

However, just like Son Ye Jin is sharing her husband, Hyun Bin, with us all, their partners must know they too must share. Sorry, not sorry, ladies! 🤷🏾‍♀️ It's code.

I will have a part deux to this blog post which will highlight Lee Junho, Ok TaecYeon, and Hwang ChanSung dramas that I have seen with a rating. That way, you can watch if you have not already, share your opinions, AND tell me about any dramas or movies I may have missed that I need to check out!

It's been a pleasure to be able to share my fangurling for Junho and my 2 PM boyfriends with you. Something Else and I discussed it during this podcast episode, but she doesn't truly get how wonderful these guys are, the way you and I do. Let's continue to enjoy their talents and good looks while we cheer them on! Hwaiting (화이팅)!

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