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The Uncanny Counter/Amazing Rumor

Updated: May 30, 2022

In late November, Netflix dropped The Uncanny Counter, a new OCN drama about demon catchers and the trials they face.

Short Synopsis:

So Mun was involved in a car accident and lost both his mother and father. He lives with his grandparents and is handicapped because of the accident. He has two close friends that are like his guardians since he is disabled and uses a cane. He is overtaken by a lost spirit looking for a host and immediately sees changes because of the possession. After being possessed, he is brought in to meet his counterparts that have been working as Counters for years and can train him on how to get started. They train him and begin working with him on catching possessed people. Through his new work, he is healed and can walk/run now, he's extremely strong, and can jump very high. He is learning his strength and hiding his new persona, i.e. Clark Kent style from his classmates and friends.

Through their journey, So Mun and the other male counter, Ga Mo Tak find their pasts are intertwined. They begin working on the case to discover who was behind So Mun's parents' death and the near-death of Mo Tak.

Yeom Hye Ran is why I wanted to watch this drama and the quirkiness in the initial promos. Hye Ran is an awarded actress that has been in many dramas and movies. Some of her more notable works are The K2, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, Live Up to Your Name, Prison Playbook, Lawless Lawyer, When the Camellia Blooms, Chocolate, Hospital Playlist, and Mystic Pop-up Bar.

I was informed that there is a webtoon that this drama is based upon (adapted from the webcomic "Phenomenal Rumors” written by Jang Yi). I will have to check it out soon. I think it will help to explain some of the questions I had about what I saw in the first episode. I believe that this group will provide us with some fun content and interesting storylines.

Both Kim Se Jeong and Yu Jun Sang I have seen in other dramas. Yu Sang has a very impressive drama resume with lots of awards and movies to boot. I've seen him in My Love from a Star and Graceful Friends. Click his name to get a full list of his works.

While Se Jeong hasn't been acting long, I have seen her in I Wanna Hear Your Song. She is a South Korean singer signed under Jellyfish Entertainment. She was originally a KPop idol in I.O.I but now she is a member of Gugudan (gu9udan). Click her name to get a full list of her works. Both actors are really doing well with their characters and I am enjoying them.

However, Joe Byeong Gyu is really who caught my eye thus far and has made me begin to look for his other works. He is 24 yrs old and he's been busy since 2015 it appears. He's appeared in The K2, Beautiful Mind, Radio Romance, SKY Castle, He is Psychometric, Arthdal Chronicles, Hot Stove Leauge plus many more. He has a refreshing attitude as he's playing highschooler, So Mun, who was in a mysterious crash that is connected to another Counter on his team.

I probably should not really enjoy him so much but the level 5 super demon, Ji Cheong Sin, played by Lee Hong Nae has ROCKED this role out! He is in total synergy with this vile character. The looks, the laughter, the body movements, and even the conflict between host and demon are amazing! I have begun to want to see his crazy on-screen to see just how iniquitous he's going to behave. Yeah, I may need therapy.

Hong Nae has been in a few movies and dramas but mainly as a supporting cast member. Of the movie list, which you can find by clicking on his name above, I noted that he was in The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful because I had seen it. The remaining titles, I had never heard of nor seen. While, his drama list had a few more known dramas such as Save Me, The King Eternal Monarch, and Catch the Ghost.


Fun Fact: There are three films/dramas that both Lee Hong Nae and Woo Do Hwan are in together: Save Me, The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful, and The King Eternal Monarch. It made me wonder about their relationship and whether or not they had been part of the same agency. Here's what I know: Hong Nae was part of Management K agency prior to going to L' July Entertainment while Woo Do Hwan is with Keyeast Co., so no connection there. I wasn't able to find anything else that placed them together, so I guess it was just a coincidence.


So at this point, I give this drama an 8.5/10. It is entertaining, the actors are good and have me invested in the plot, the story is pacing pretty nicely thus far, and I feel like I can keep up with what is going on without being too confused. I don't have a clear view of their full end game but I know what they are working towards. I have questions but I do not feel overwhelmed by them. Finally, I am excited to see where we are headed!

If you are looking for an action drama with otherworldly feels, I would suggest The Uncanny Counter. I have enjoyed this drama thus far and unless they plan to kill off the ending, then all should be well.


*editor's update: According to a Naver post on 01.17.2021 written by Reporter Jang Jin Ri, the screenwriter, Jina Yeo, had a disagreement with the production team and dropped off the production. This coming after the airing of the 13th episode and the OCN drama having made network history as the 1st drama on the network to have surpassed a 10% viewership on the Korean television rating system. This could be a jinx or it could be for the better, but only time will tell.

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