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What We're Watching (WWW)

In the land of Asian dramas, there is always something good out there to dig into. We are asked about what we are currently watching, so we have begun a monthly blog about what we are currently watching. Follow along as Something Else and Song Rae share their current July watches. If you have seen or are watching any of these shows, please chime in and share your thoughts!

Something Else:

I love all kinds of media, which unfortunately means that television shows, films, books, games, and social media compete with each other for my attention. While I tend to have is a long list of shows I want to watch, often the list of Asia shows that I get to watch is much shorter. And what's crazier is that sometimes I find shows out of the blue that I watch and then forget I watched! Yes, I'm nuts that way. So please know that if I am actually watching the shows listed below, they really do hold my attention.

My Roommate is a Gumiho - I've been watching it on iQIYI, but it's also on Viki. I'm currently on episode 9 out of 16 episodes. This is a rom-com fantasy between Hyeri (so cute) and Jang Ki Yong (yum!). Synopsis:

That Winter, the Wind Blows - Staring Song Hye Kyo (one of my favorite actresses) and Jo In Sung (he's such a bad boy in this), I'm finally getting to this 2013 romantic melodrama about a con artist and the blind woman he comes to love. I'm only on episode 2 (of 16 episodes) but the production quality and complex characters are all there. This drama can be found on Netflix, Viki, and Apple TV, so there are plenty of options regardless of your subscription level. Check out the synopsis here:

On the Verge of Insanity - I'm on episode one of this 16-episode workplace drama starring Moon So Ri and Jung Jae Young. It also has Ahn Nae Sang, the Samuel L. Jackson of South Korean television! I expect that it will give me all the feels and reminds me of Misaeng and Up in the Air (which starred George Clooney and Anna Kendrick). I'm watching it on Viki but I believe that it's also on Kocowa's app.

Song Rae:

It's July 2021 and I have been sitting back enjoying adult lemonade & watching dramas. If you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram you will see some of what we share but here is my list of current watches:

Master in the House - This is a Viki or Kocowa app show. I am currently on episode 130 of 200. It's a Sunday only show. MitH is a variety show or in American terms a reality TV show. We follow four unmarried men under 40 as they meet highly respected members of Korean society to learn from them & become better men. Synopsis:

Revolutionary Sisters - This is a Viki or Kocowa app drama. I am currently on episode 32 of 50. It's a Saturday/Sunday drama. RS is about three sisters, their father, and their aunt who raised them. The story began around the mysterious death of their mother and has evolved into all the things each sister is dealing with as they move through 2020 pandemic era Korea. Synopsis:

Nevertheless - This is a Netflix show. I am currently on episode 3 of 10. It's a Saturday only drama. Can I just say, Song Kang?! Between him and Han So Hee who is gorgeous, this drama makes me want to jump in & tell her to run as fast as she can. Synopsis:

At a Distance, Spring is Green - This is a Viki show. I am currently on episode 7 of 12. It's a Monday/Tuesday drama. This is a slice of life show where we meet three college friends with difficult childhoods overcome their obstacles to come to terms with themselves, gain true friendships, and move forward in life. Synopsis:,_Spring_is_Green

My Roommate Is a Gumiho - This is an iQIYI and Viki drama. I'm currently on episode 13 of 16. It's a Wednesday/Thursday drama. This is a rom-com fantasy between Hyeri and Jang Ki Yong, this drama has so many beautiful people!! Synopsis:

Monthly Magazine Home - This is an iQIYI and Viki drama. I am on episode 6 of 16. It's a Wednesday/Thursday drama. A magazine editor has a lot of misfortunate events occur and winds up working for a man she has come to dislike. Synopsis:

Racket Boys - This is a Netflix drama. I am currently on episode 12 of 16. This is a Monday/Tuesday drama. The eight children in this story are so much fun and filled with hope for their future. Synopsis:

Hospital Playlist season 2 - This is a Netflix drama. I am currently on episode 3 of 12. This is an only Thursday drama. This is a melodrama about five doctors & their lives. On Pinterest, I call them the Fabulous Five because from Season 1 binging, I fell in love with them! Synopsis:

The Devil Judge - This is a Viki drama. I'm currently on episode 2 of 16. This is a Saturday/Sunday drama. Synopsis:

Love Refresh - This is a tvN D Story drama which is airing on Youtube. (Link: LoveRefresh) I am currently on episode 2 of 3. A guy and his three female friends talk about relationships and adult activities. Synopsis:

Our list is pretty extensive and has dramas from a wide genre base. Maybe you'll see something that you'd enjoy! And, as always, comment below if you have something to add about the shows listed. Until next time!


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